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Since the late 1990s, we have witnessed educators from across the world come together to increase each other’s professional knowledge and skills. As our ranks grew, we began to appreciate the sheer power of the idea of professional association and what it could mean for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of best practice in teaching and learning. "Professional association" is the heart and soul of this wide-reaching educational movement called Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT).

The RWCT community has been responding to a seemingly insatiable demand for instructional methodologies that promote active learning for knowledge and academic achievement. RWCT International Consortium emerged from this expanding community. By tapping into the best of professional behavior and the spirit of volunteerism, and by offering opportunities for research; dissemination of ideas through publication and conferences; and targeted professional development through project work that combines the above, RWCT IC provides a home to practitioners who continue to build, change, strengthen, and influence the original RWCT ideas, and thereby make a sizable contribution to the pedagogical profession itself.