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Thinking Classroom Journal

Thinking Classroom Journal - Volume 9, 2008
Some features of Thinking Classroom Volume 9: Asking Questions Cook, Marilyn Assessing Group Work Peneva, Kalina; Belcheva, Rumjana A Transformative Journey: Theoretical Foundations for an Integrative Approach to Teaching Evans, Katherine; Glenn, Kathy;Lester, Jessica ... Read more »
Thinking Classroom Journal - Volume 8, 2007
Some features of the Thinking Clasroom Volume 8: Active learning through the creation of a textbook  Arzybova, Olesya Cross-Age tutoring: When fifth graders become teachers of writing Peralta, Anne Enhancing active learning and critical thinking in higher education: Unive... Read more »
Thinking Classroom Journal and Peremena - Volume 7, 2006
Some features of the Thinking Clasroom Volume 7:  A covenant for honoring children Cavoukian, Raffi,  An “A” for creativity: Assessing creativity in the classroom Randi, Judi; Jarvin, Linda, Cross-cultural professional development for ... Read more »
Thinking Classroom Journal, Peremena 2001 - 2005
In 2001 - 2005, Thinking Classroom Journal was an official publication of the International Reading Association. In this section, you are invited to download all the issues that were published during these 5 years; the volume 2 issues were published in 2001, the volume 3 issues were published... Read more »
About Thinking Classroom/ Peremena
Thinking Classroom Journal (in English)/ Peremena (in Russian) was founded in 2000 as a publication of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking project funded by the Open Society Institute. It continued to be published as a quarterly journal from 2002 through 2005 by the International Readin... Read more »