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"Teacher's Attitude toward the development of critical thinking during lessons":



What RWCT means to Lithuania Teachers and Students

Danguolė Būdvytytė
Vilnius Pedagogical University Student 

I attended critical thinking lessons the whole semester. Not because of two credits, but looking for something new. I haven’t felt any tensions during lessons, we worked in high spirit. Teachers knew how to involve us, so everybody was very busy (in difference with other lessons) I liked to say what really we were thinking about. So, I have learned to express myself, to feel confidence, don’t be afraid to be laughed at. Teachers need different approach towards learning and teaching today, so why RWCT has to be an obligatory course for every future teacher. Have I learnt much? Is it possible to be too much? There is no simple answer. I do not regret for tasting things hat my former teachers haven’t. I hope that I will be able to use what I got at my work in school.

Asta Navickaitė 
The Centre for Modern Schools, primary school teacher, RWCT Teacher,

trainer and certifier, programme coordinator at Modern Didactics Center  

While participating in the project work, I have understood the essence of it. The project it is not about methods, many of them are known already. What is most important – to provide possibilities for pupils to talk, to express themselves, to be heard. The aim of my work as primary school teacher – to listen to children, to observe and help them to learn. I feel myself in classroom not like an instructor, but as learner. I like to work like that. Pupils can become teachers, and teacher can become pupils in the same classroom. Classroom becomes real learning community. Critical thinking for me is an counter fort for WHAT and HOW I have to teach. 

Raimonda Jarienė
Education Development Centre, senior scientific specialist; RWCT teacher and trainer

What critical thinking means for me? I began to understand a man and his/her "revolutionary attempts to struggle with biological, moral, intellectual reality” I found this thought while reading book „ Promise of Daybreak“by Gary Romain. It sounded to me as not found, but as recognized and experienced idea. RWCT helped me to understand that those attempts can be fruitful. To learn means to change and to expand personal boundaries. To learn means to help to do the same for others. Learning is sharing. For me, an introvert person, RWCT   was intensive social training. I was rewarded for my attempts by numerous free, inspiring, meaningful professional conversations.  When I reflect upon got experience, I can say honestly, that becoming member of RWCT community means to be fortunes gift. 

RWCT for me is the process of information rethinking in all live situations; it is ability to support your ideas and to make meaningful decisions. It is analytical argumentation, constant questioning and looking for better solutions, not for one single „truth“. As educator I understand RWCT as dialog with students, colleagues, pupils, cooperative decision making, problem solving, forming of believes and leaning responsibility and independence. 

Dr. Vida Gudžinskienė
Mykolas Romeris university, professor, RWCTteacher, trainer and certifier