Starting the project “Learning to be a good mentor”Kick-off Meeting in Zug, Switzerland


The kick-off meeting of “Learning to be a good mentor - LeGMe” (Lifelong Learning Programme - Grundtvig Learning Partnership) took place in Zug, Switzerland on Oct 31-Nov 3, 2013, with the participation of eight European partners: Consortiul International LSDGC (Romania, Coordinator), Verein MUNTERwegs (Switzerland), Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Landesverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. (Germany), CESIE (Italy), ŠIUOLAIKINI? DIDAKTIK? CENTRAS (Lithuania), Grimstad kommune/Kvalifiseringstjenesten (Norway), Združenie Orava pre demokraciu vo vzdelávaní (Slovakia) and Forum za slobodu odgoja (Croatia).




This two-year project (2013-2015) focuses on mentors and mentoring programmes in various contexts (in adult education, education for primary-school children and adolescents). The main goal is to prepare the pedagogical and human resources for partners to establish effective mentoring programmes in support of their local communities. Within the project, the skills of aspiring mentors and their coaches will be enhanced also by sharing effective mentoring practices identified by each of the partner organizations. Volunteer adults (pensioners, unemployed people, university students, migrants) will be trained as mentors and thus enabled to use their life experience and capacities, and feel empowered by making a significant contribution to the communities they belong to.


Our European partnership will analyse a variety of mentoring programmes existing in every national context, and then develop a common framework and guidelines for training programmes addressing mentorsand coaches. The framework and guidelines will be adapted by each partner organization as they tailor their own mentoring programme to meet their local needs. By the end of the project, these resources will be shared with interested stakeholders in the form of an online booklet.  


During the meeting in Zug, partners discussed all the essential administrative aspects of this two-year project, and defined some of the details of this joint work. The next meeting will be held in Palermo (6-7 February, 2014), where the partners will conduct an analysis of the identified mentoring programmes in order to find the common features which will be the foundation of the future specific mentor training programmes so that we will be able to facilitate “learning to be a good mentor”.


The website of the project will be online soon. In the meantime, you can follow us on Facebook.