Thinking Classroom Journal was founded in 2000 as a publication of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking project funded by the Open Society Institute. It continued to be published as a quarterly journal from 2002 through 2005 by the International Reading Association and from 2006 - 2008 by the RWCT (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) International Consortium. Thinking Classroom served as an international forum of exchange among teachers, teacher educators, and others interested in promoting democratic teaching practices. The publication encouraged professional development, research, and critical reflection. Thinking Classroom contains articles that foster learner-centered teaching strategies including critical and creative thinking, active and cooperative learning, and problem solving.

 Thinking Classroom Journal- Volume 9, 2008

 Thinking Classroom Journal- Volume 8, 2007

 Thinking Classroom Journal- Volume 7, 2006

 Thinking Classroom Journal- 2001-2005

Thinking Classroom Journal


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