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United States of America


CRITICAL THINKING INTERNATIONAL (CTI) is a non-governmental not-for-profit [501(c)3] educational organization incorporated in New York State, USA. CTI is a full member organization of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium. We provide workshops and training materials that promote active learning and critical thinking in schools at all levels.

Areas of particular expertise are:

  • Producing textbooks and instructional manuals on best teaching practices

  • Developing tools in local languages for assessing children’s literacy

  • Working with local authors and illustrators to produce supplementary reading materials

  • Training teachers in multilingual education and mother tongue instruction

  • Creating programs on literacy and critical thinking for distance education

  • Integrating active learning and critical thinking in to teaching at all levels

CTI’s staff have extensive work experience in Central and South America, East and West Africa, Central Europe, and Central Asia, as well as in schools and universities in the United States. Partnerships with Critical Thinking International are open to teacher trainers from anywhere in the world who have demonstrated interested and experience in international education focused on critical thinking, literacy, children’s literature, language instruction, special education, cooperative learning, and peace-building.

CTI’s directors are:

            Alan Crawford

            Sam Mathews

            Wendy Saul

            Charles Temple


For more information contact Charles Temple, Ph.D., at